Brandon and I got our first Irish Red and White Setter in 1999 and began our love affair with this wonderful breed. Along the way we've had some lovely dogs.

There's Bairre.............What a sweet boy he is! Bairre is Waidman's N' Aramis Fionbar. He came from our dear friend Christina Phillips in Modesto California. 
Next we added Connemara Sea Beacon and Connemara Sea Glider from Judy Taylor and Patty Thompson, Thank You ladies for the wonderful girls. These dogs have produced many of the youngsters pictured on our pictures and champion pages.
I've had Spaniels of one variety or another as long as I have been showing dogs. I got my first Clumber 26 years ago and my first Sussex 15 years ago. We now have the mother/daughter Clumber duo of Folly and Maeve who came to us from our good friend Susan Adams, Windsong Spaniels. They are the sweetest girls ever!

Jayda is our 10 year old granddaughter who is very much involved with the dogs. We're hoping for a junior handler who will eventually take over all the show-ring duties. Jayda has her own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Smooth Fox Terrier.

Michael is a member of the Irish Red and White Setter Association, Sussex Spaniel Club of America, Sussex Spaniel Club of Central Indiana and the Blennerhassett Kennel Club (all breed club)
We are going to start adding some Spaniel pictures soon.



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